Discover the moments that matter

See, hear and understand player behaviour, deep into the experience.

Our intelligence surfaces actionable insight within seconds, freeing your team to focus on delivering the ultimate experience for every player!

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Why Use Testify

We enable your team to..

Understand 'Why' in the wild

We provide the most relevant, real world players for your game on-demand. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality insight for your team.

Identify what motivates your target market to become loyal fans and what they value in your title to spend time and money on.

  • Screened & Vetted
  • Honest & Unbiased feedback
  • Range of demographic targeting

Conduct the right test at the right time

Every team decision changes the success trajectory for your game. Our platform removes the friction to getting highly valuable feedback in that loop.

Testify assists you in understanding player behaviour at scale, add confidence in your decision making and enables a wide variety of real-world testing at every stage of development.

  • Validate key milestones
  • Increase testing early and often
  • Up to x5 faster than traditional methods
Success Trajectory

See through your players eyes

We capture feedback from a variety of data sources to ensure a 360° view of the gaming experience.
  • Survey Responses
  • User Interactions e.g. Touch
  • Screen Capture and Verbal Feedback
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No SDK integration Required

Capture Feedback

Actionable Insight in real time

A highly competitive market, pressurised release dates and a lack of resources means player feedback often misses development timeframes.

Our platform surfaces detailed player insight from large amounts of highly valuable feedback in minutes through groundbreaking Automated Insights.

  • Eliminate the guesswork
  • Promote player empathy within your team
  • Integrates seamlessly into your development workflow
Real Time Insights

What tests can you run?

A suite of playtests designed to complement your team at any stage of development


Uncover Opportunities

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  • What features are breaking new ground

  • What is driving growth in the genre

  • What are players loving, the key drivers of the game



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  • Are people confused by anything in my game

  • Are the onboarding tutorials clear

  • Do they understand the controls/navigation


Critical Milestones

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  • Do people enjoy my game

  • Do we keep or kill the game

  • Have we nailed our core loop


Observe Trends over Time

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  • Does frustration increase x days in

  • Do people still enjoy this feature x days in

  • How does the experience change 8-10 hrs into the game


Simulate Experiences

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  • How do players feel about the PVP experience

  • What is the spectator experience like

  • Do players enjoy playing the AI


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